Hair Salon Software Features


For Hair Salons

The most comprehensive software as a service (SaaS) on the market! Designed for hair salons. Open your hair salon to opportunities for new appointments 24/7 with the most effective fully-responsive online booking & software on the market. Increase average spend and client visits with

Don't Forget to Think Mobile On The Go!

Access online booking, diary and shifts straight from your mobile. ClinicSoftware's solution runs on all platforms such as PC, Mac and Mobile. A truly mobile software can mean the difference between a solution that merely helps your business and one that revolutionises it. manages all of your important business information from one place. Implementing the right software can increase sales and productivity.

Grow Sales, Save Time, Get Organised

Let's take a look at a few ways gives small companies power over their business:

  • All Tools in One Place
  • Grow your Business
  • Reports
  • Grow your Productivity
  • Tablet Consent Forms
  • Fully Responsive Online Booking
  • Mobile Access On The Go
  • Access From Anywhere At Any Time gives your entire company a 360-degree view of your customers, appointments and facilitates collaborations across your organisation, helping you build strong, lasting customer relationships to run your business. Why don't you start today and watch your hair salon grow sales, save time and get organised! 


Clinic Lists Control for a Total Access

As a hair salon owner or manager you have to understand that your staff can only access what their security level requires based on your Hair Salon Lists. allows you to create any number of Access Lists to match your requirements and afterwards assign these to each employee. This makes it possible for hair salon owners to govern who sees exactly what and when. After that, the access created will be based on what you see is what you get for each staff member.

Each member of your staff has their own safe PIN which is needed to access the system. For more security the software application will certainly lock the screen after a time of activity or after each log out from the system.

The monitoring reports guarantees that EVERY alter or change made within the database is recorded together with its previous value. This enables you to see not just exactly what has actually altered, however likewise who altered it.


Your clients are vital to your salon, not only can you book new appointments, but you could keep a very detailed customer database.

Day Book Appointment: day book appointment makes scheduling your customers in for hair treatments quick and very easy, which is crucial for a busy hair salon. However, does a lot even more than booking appointments for your clients. The clients database allows you keep vital information such as: name, date of birth, telephone number, address, e-mail address, warning notes, discount level, voucher code, signed forms, order history, appointments history, account balance, and more...

Extensive Hair Salon Appointment Booking Software:
We also give you the power to keep a lot more important info such as: skin type, allergic reactions, last visits, favourite hair treatments and other crucial notes. The advantages of having the capability to save a greater level of info include: the capability to do even more concentrated marketing, maintain a better relationship between you as a salon and your clients. This also offers you the capability to recognise your clients needs and cater to them accordingly; offering treatment offers and discounts to your loyal clients. 

Single-Click Hair Salon Appointments:
Bring in new appointments can be done with just with a single click. The appointments can then be relocated from one day to another not forgetting our resizing tool. The salon agenda could be viewed in day, in advance for a weeks or even months. This will allow you to plan and market to clients creating books for months in advance.  and you will create more appointments for the next months. 

Hair Salon Day Book Available Anywhere, Everywhere:
Having the appointment day book online means that the salon manager could view appointments from anywhere that has access to the internet, from the hair salon, from home via mobile or tablets and even away on vacation.

Distinguish Salon Appointment Status'/Types:
Our colour coded system allows you to identify the appointment status. You will be able to distinguish between no show appointments, confirmed appointments and have the ability to change status' of appointments to arrived. 

Complete Clinic Control Appointment Booking Software:
As a salon manager you have the capability to configure staff access to certain software features. The type of service, duration and period of time of the services is also totally configurable also.

Tool-Tips Appointment Booking Access:
We have actually tool-tips to the appointment book to provide you even more details regarding an appointment. By simply hovering over booked appointments in the day book will provide you with detailed information about the appointment such as any pre-booked resources.  


  • Easy to use, innovative appointment booking system, to quickly refine your customers
  • Totally configurable for products, services, courses and also staff members
  • Available 24/7/365, from anywhere in the world
  • Integrated salon smart solutions
  • Easy to learn
  • Feature rich
  • Quick


Increase productivity, reduce mistakes, scan in seconds!

The new barcode scanner feature makes product sales easy and effective to do. Simply scan any product with a barcode in front of the scanner for a no keystroke sale. Our software feature can additionally generate barcodes for gifts cards, voucher cards, loyalty cards, commitment cards, products that do not have manufacturer barcodes! You can use membership cards or key tags cards.

This brand new feature quickly scans and checks cards or key tags with barcodes to identify your consumers eliminating the time taken to search by name or phone number. This feature can be used when adding additional information about clients. 


Colour coded appointments view

The colour of your client’s status on their hair appointment will change automatically on your day book calendar once they have confirmed their online appointments, you can even update their colour status manually.

The colour on status appointments day book turns a different colour to indicate payment status when client owes money.

No show appointments will also be shown on the calendar and all appointment status updates will be saved under the client profile. 

As a salon manager you will also be able to configure late or no show payments which could result in the loss of client deposit if one was made for a treatment/ service.


Deposits Reduce Costs of No Shows – in salon and online

When encouraging our clients to add an online booking feature to their website the no.1 concern is "How can I be sure my competitors won’t book me up in my agenda?" Having identified this very early we were able to  integrated in a number of safe guards to reduced this risk. You could restrict the feature of "Open Appointments" any one customer can have before allowing them to access the online booking page and of course you can disable their access totally if you feel they are not genuine clients.

Both of these go hand in hand however the simply true way to prevent this and also to additionally reduce the costs of no shows is to ask for a deposit at the time of reservation. For this reason when we built the new booking system designed for mobiles, tablets and and laptops/pc and full websites we decided to have an add on option to take a deposit before the appointment is confirmed.

We have actually released the deposit system with payment support for PayPal credit/debit cart payments. The ‘Online Booking Settings’ allow you to easily request the amount of the deposit as a percentage of the full service costs. As well as adding the appointment into the Day Book Calendar, the deposit and the payment status will be shown in the "Day Book" also in the customer account section of the software.

If you have any questions or would like to enable deposits on your online booking system then please contact our support team. Salon Deposits.


Our clinic file management control it will give you access to manage and exchange important files of your company like invoices, receipts, documents, scans, and more with your staff members and between branches.

You will have no limit to upload and download important documents of your company from one location to another or to keep safe and secure your very important documents. is guaranteed to increase your profitability and empowers you to be in complete control of every aspect of your practice.


You have a hair salon, and stylists are fighting over a single computer. Why not use on more computers to manage at your front desk, in the back office, and all throughout the salon. Two PCs will come under the license for 1. 

Give access to your staff to use the software anywhere in the salon. Help your stylists focus on their clients by accessing their profiles from anywhere in the salon, this will allow your staff to save time and confusion whilst dealing with clients. 


Define your services, courses/sessions and categories. Also set up your pricing for products and calculate the VAT which can all be done in our price list editor. You can assign different prices to different services and products, also assigning different prices for the same services but a different provider. You also have the capacity to set open prices for services. This will give stylists the capacity to create their own prices for a service, for example if a hair treatment used/ required more products and time than expected the stylist has the capacity to change payments. 

Pricing for products can also be set for the online shop or also in the hair salon. You will also have the ability to provide discounts which could only be valid online or in store to increase sales. 




Detailed exception reports are available on the system to highlight services which may be a cause of concern.

Price adjustments, cancelled transactions, refunds and redo’s to name a few are included in the areas covered.

The value of discounts given and surcharges made is also available. You can even go back and examine receipts previously printed. You can even offer refund, reprint or send by email in the case of receipts for your customers.


Reports can also be exported in a PDF file where you will be able to see all refunds made for the whole month or year for example. 


Adding your hair salon services will allow you to add the professional services and treatments you offer, change the pricing if you need to and you’re ready to roll.

You can create your own unique hair salon services if you can’t find them on our system.

Once you have set the prices for each hair service or treatment you want to sell, you will be able to add them to clients’ bills with the click of a button.

Each service you sell is recorded against the client record so you can see their purchase history for every client and a track which services are the most popular using your hair salon management reports.

Unlimited services.

SALON STAFF MANAGEMENT will provide you with a full-feature staff management system, from ensuring that appointments are allocated to the correct staff member, to tracking full staff history and activity. Your staff will also be able to use the powerful feature built into the Day Book Agenda to manage exceptions on a day to day basis. This will help you manage the attendance of all staff members, ensuring appointments are only booked during available time slots.

Our software provides a simple clocking in and out system for staff. Hours worked and payroll figures can then be easily generated with our reports system. Remuneration rates for both hours worked and sales commission can be set for each member of staff individually. provides the tools to enable the hair salon owners to effectively manage their staff.

We understand the connections between a stylist/therapist and the services they offer. This means that a single system can be used to manage multiple disciplines. We ensure that only the correct services are booked to required stylist or therapist.

Our staff tracking system allows you to see where each employee is scheduled, and for what time. Increase organisation and eliminate double-booking with our tracking system, ensuring that everyone is working efficiently.

Managing resources such as treatment rooms or colouring stations is made easy and this eliminates double booking and ensuring that the salon diary is controlled effectively. 

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Services and Treatments Commission
  • Remuneration & Commission
  • Resource Management
  • Products Commission
  • Access Control Lists
  • Staff Rota Management
  • Permissions
  • Tracking


How Software Improves Productivity

Keeps You In The Know

For successful business flow, you must gather vital information on existing client and potential clients as well. But saving the data in papers or excel can be hard work and difficult to find when you’re trying to make bookings. helps solve this problem by saving valuable customer data on your behalf, including:

  • Client history
  • Appointments history
  • Current client preferences
  • Client Notes history
  • Client Consent Forms history
  • Client Rejuvenation Face & Body Procedures
  • Past interactions with a client
  • Drinks History
  • Client infrastructure details
  • Receipt History
  • Past sales interactions
  • Tracking Sessions history
  • Tracking Minutes history
  • Tracking Instalments history
  • Pictures history
  • Products history
  • SMS Text & email Reminders history
  • Shifts history
  • Reports history


All major software vendors offer cloud versions of their systems. Choosing this software as a service (SaaS) model means salons would no longer have to deal with things that on-premise software apps demand, servers, software issues, bugs, no 24/7 access. helps keep software and personnel expenses low, improves support while shortening down times, and decreases the risk and difficulty of scaling up your business.

We will assist you in setting up your software with the services, staff and your clients, provide training for your staff and support your business. also provides educational content via our knowledge base area for salon owners, managers and staff. Our knowledge base is filled with a step by step guide in how to use the different features in the software paired with a video demonstrating how to use it. We will also be able to provide you with interactive webinars with our support team. 


Get a timeline view of your customer's activity including actions such as rescheduling, cancelling or resizing of appointments, sent SMS and emails with tracking on who performed each action, clinic notes, direct debit payments, receipts, consent forms, courses, account deposits, withdrawals and more.

This feature will help you to track the customer behaviour across the entire system by organising all the relevant information in one place allowing you to better manage your business. You will be able to update all client information in this section helping you market certain courses and sessions to specific clients. Every time a client updates their GDPR settings this will also automatically be added onto this list. 



Organise your clients into groups and assign discounts to each group using this feature. You will be able to send unique offers to these clients based on their purchase history for example 10% off hair colouring and styling package. 

You can also categorise the clients and assign behaviour stars that can be later used to configure the system to automatically notify the staff when the client arrives at your clinic.


Schedule your appointments easily by controlling the diary display mode for day view, week view for each staff and the resources view that will display each resource in your system with the available book times. Here, you will be able to see which days are the most popular and any peak times which you may have.  


Use the till float option of our software to manage the till float value at the start of each day. The system will then use this value when calculating the end of the day report and your till float will automatically be deducted from your day report.