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Power Plates Salons

From this feature you can manage the power plates courses.
Power plates courses are daily usage packages of course minutes for a specific period of time.
Each power plates course has a daily minute use limit and a total duration
(ex 1 day, 1 month, 3 months).
Total course minutes are calculated as daily use minutes * course duration.
For this type of course, a session represents the usage of x “daily use minutes”.

Power Plates Salons

Power Plates Salons

The customer can only use a session from a power plates course per day.
When a session is used the daily use minutes is subtracted from the course total minutes count.

The course from which the session will be used is selected automatically by the highest duration first. It will first use a session from the “3 Months” course before using a “One Session” course.

Hi, I'm Stephanie and I'll present you the Power Plates Control page.

Hi, I’m Stephanie and

I’ll present you the

Power Plates Control page.

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